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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help  

When to Get Marital Counseling

Each relationship will go through ups and down. Marital counseling is not only for troubled relationships. Even a healthy relationship can benefit from getting the help of a counselor. It takes a lot to make a good relationship last. Relationship therapy is just one tool you can use to ensure that the foundation of your relationship remains strong. Below are some reasons you should seek the help of a counselor:

Big changes – If you are about to experience big changes in your life—a change in career, retirement, a new baby—you should go to a relationship expert. Big changes in your life can lead to emotional and mental stress and take a toll on your relationship. Marital counseling can help you with the transition period in your life.

Never been to therapy – If you have never had therapy, you should try it at least once. You can benefit from getting another person’s perspective and insight into your relationship. The therapist can help you communicate better by giving you techniques and tips in how to bring up sensitive subjects.

Constant fights – There are times in a relationship when you feel the same problems keep happening. This is a good time for you to seek professional help. The counselor can help pinpoint the reasons these fights or problems keep reoccurring. Perhaps you are constantly blaming the other person or there is some hidden resentment. Therapy can help you work through your problems and help you let go of your anger and frustration.

At Linda L Anderson MS, you can benefit from individual counseling sessions. Linda Anderson specializes in marital counseling, family therapy, and depression treatment. She has over two decades of experience counseling her patients in Seattle, WA. She is licensed and qualified to provide her services, and she offers her services at reasonable rates. To learn more about the company, call (206) 782-7448.

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