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Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor

Having a Shaky Time?

There are various causes of marital conflict that people may encounter. Long periods of conflict can make it seem as though the person who was previously closest to you is on the other side of the globe. Couples therapy or marital counseling may assist you in understanding your relationship, no matter what difficulties you are facing. Through counseling, you may restore a strong, loving relationship with your spouse and learn how to handle disagreements appropriately. Here are some key signs that you need to see a marriage counselor:

Negative Conversations

Even when speaking, you could occasionally choose to concentrate on negative aspects. If you speak to your spouse in a bad manner all the time, they could feel rejected, ignored, ashamed, and insecure. Considering that they have previously endured verbal and emotional abuse, they could even want to avoid being in your company. Keep in mind that the tone you adopt in a discussion can make it positive or negative. The source of the negative discourse is a skill that therapists and counselors excel at. You’ll discover new, healthier ways of communicating with your spouse in addition to learning how to deal with the underlying problems.

Sexual Activity Has Changed Substantially

An intimate bond is crucial to a happy marriage. Dry spells do occur, but they shouldn’t persist too long. In actuality, a persistent absence of sex frequently indicates that you and your spouse are incompatible. Noticeable changes in the bedroom indicate a problem. By the way, an increase in sex might indicate one spouse attempting to make up for whatever they’re doing that they feel is bad, which is another symptom of problems.

Having an Affair

The yearning for something different from what you already have might be shown in fantasizing about having an affair. Even while it is possible for a relationship to continue after one person has had an affair, it is wise to seek out support before that occurs. The marriage could be saved if you both are honest and dedicated to the counseling process. At the absolute least, you could both understand that moving on is better for you both.

Do you need a marriage counselor? If you are in Seattle, WA, you can always get in touch with Linda L Anderson MS to help you. For inquiries and information, do not hesitate to contact me at (206) 782-7448 today.

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