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Not Sure You Want to Wash Your Dirty Laundry in Public?

Not Sure You Want to Wash Your Dirty Laundry in Public?  

Want to Know What You Will Be Asked If You See a Couples Counselor?

Common marriage or

couples counselor

questions are aimed at finding out information about a couple’s relationship, needs and wants. What is behind disagreements, how often do they argue and how much quality time they spend together are a few of the many counseling questions asked when trying to determine problems. Many counselors usually question couples in 3 stages: the man alone, the wife alone and then the couple together.

Information and clues obtained will help the counselor to get to the bottom of the couple’s problems. On occasion, the counselor allows the couple to ask each other questions to find what is troubling each one. Initially, most couples feel threatened and put off by this probing style of counseling questions. Which is why the counselor has to earn the couple’s trust for them to properly open up and be truthful during their sessions.

Often, the likes of children, in-laws and even religion are part of the numerous counseling questions, which are used to identify possible issues. In relationships that have children from previous relationships, the counselor often asks about any feelings towards the children or dynamics of the step-parent relationship.

The counselor will often concentrate large portions of their questions on the financial situation of the couple, in addition to the status of bills due and if there are any payments past due. Occasionally, their habits will come into play and the counselor tries to find out any information concerning the feeling of one person to the actions and free time habits of the other person. Most problems in a new relationship center around friendships of each person, and how it

affects their respective partner. If you are looking for a

couples counselor

, please do not hesitate to call Linda L Anderson MS in Seattle, WA now at (206) 782-7448.

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