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If you are looking for a professional counselor that can offer you couples counseling or individual therapy, Linda Anderson is the right choice for you. She is experienced and highly qualified to provide you with the professional services you need. Choose her to be your family and marriage counselor, and you will receive adequate help for your situation. Find out why she is the preferred counselor for many of the locals, by following her on her Google + page!
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Linda L Anderson MS
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 21 reviews
by Thank You! on Linda L Anderson MS
Randy Griffin

My wife and I came to Linda for a counseling therapy. I was a little skeptical at first, but I quickly realized that it is helpful. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity of working with Linda, and I would like to recommend her services. Thank you!

by Lori Burns on Linda L Anderson MS
A great professional

I chose Linda for my marriage counselor because I knew from one of my closest friends that she’s good. Before asking for her help, I had never visited a counselor, so I was really nervous on my first session. She detected it right away and explained to me very patiently and in such an understanding way how I need to relax in order for this to work. Been seeing her twice a week ever since.

by Freddie Dennis on Linda L Anderson MS
Had a few sessions here

I found this individual counseling service through a friend of mine that used to come to this place. I am really happy with the approach used so far. I don’t think my case is that severe as others but I have started seeing the changes already. I will keep going for sure!

by D. Roberson on Linda L Anderson MS
I need this so much

I had a rough couple of years which were turbulent in so many aspects. It came to a point where I finally decided I am going to try individual counseling and I was hoping it will be the solution I’m looking for. I went in for our session so excited and full of hope. She was so accommodating and calm that I quickly picked up on her vibe. I feel much better now. Thanks for everything!

by Delia Richards on Linda L Anderson MS
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Before finding this marriage counselor, I really thought this was it for the relationship with my husband. After so many years with someone, sometimes you end up not knowing how to approach them. That was the moment I realized we need therapy. Came to Linda and she just helped us rebuild all the bridges we had burnt between each other.

by Craig Fuller on Linda L Anderson MS
So much help

The problems with my wife started a couple of years ago but our fights and general misunderstandings peaked about six months ago and we both chose this marital counseling service as our last resort to fix everything up. Wanted to say thank you to the therapist because I never thought how helpful it was going to be. Never underestimate the power of a talented professional like this one.

by Lindsey Wheeler on Linda L Anderson MS
True Assistance!

Your confident words and approach are what brought me out of my dark tunnel. Now, I see the light and I am ready to keep walking. Thank you for everything you did for me. I will make sure to tell other people about your professional marital counseling services!

by Ross Clark on Linda L Anderson MS
Very good therapist

I was looking for a licensed counselor when I stumbled upon her name. Decided to give a try, after all, I really needed it. I was dealing with some really life-changing personal drama and I started noticing how incapable I was of handling it all on my own. I didn’t want to trust just anyone. I’m glad I chose this counselor, I am doing much better.

by Karla Payne on Linda L Anderson MS
Such a nice person

I set out to find a licensed counselor that practices behavioral therapy for some help with my son. He is a teenager and I had a lot of issues raising him as a single mom. We arranged a couple of initial sessions and he reacted to so well to her help. She really has her way with people!

by Shirley D. Valverde on Linda L Anderson MS
I Was Surprised!

I found this marriage counselor in my despair. My marriage was in serious trouble. I felt so abandoned and alone that I began to search on the Net for a specialist to help me. During the first session, I felt a kind of relief after I shared my concerns. I kept going and now things are better. Thank you very much!

by Francis Allen on Linda L Anderson MS
Astonishing Results!

Some people will say that visiting a couples counselor is useless. But I still would like to express my appreciation and tell you how much you've helped me with my family problems. You helped me realize things about myself I didn't know before. Thank you!

by Sergio Martin on Linda L Anderson MS
Couldn’t be happier with this service

I came for individual counseling at a very turbulent time of my life. I didn’t have many things in my life figured out and I kept having recurring panic attacks. After being so reluctant to try, I finally gave in and I went for a session. One of my best decision ever I found a professional who really cares about the patients.

by Christopher H. Horton on Linda L Anderson MS
Changed our lives

I hope you choose to work with this couples counselor because I’ve witnessed so many positive changes in my relationship after coming here. I can’t begin to express my thanks to this professional.

by Floyd Coleman on Linda L Anderson MS
We’re in a much better place

When we started our marital counseling sessions with Linda, I had a very hard time accepting that a complete stranger will have so much information on my relationship. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about what bothered me. She made me realize how important communication is. I will be forever grateful for this lesson.

by Michael L. Spangler on Linda L Anderson MS
Professional Services!

How can I tell you how grateful I am after everything you did for me? My wife and I thank you for your professional marital counseling services that helped us understand how selfish we both were. After pointing out our weaknesses, we worked on them and to this date, we are a healthier family. Such a wonderful service!

by Mona Sanders on Linda L Anderson MS

I want to be brief and tell you how choosing this licensed counselor was the best decision of 2016 I ever made. The problems in my relationship started taking over my relationship with my husband and I knew it was time for something we had never tried before. Linda started working with us and slowly but steadily, she helped us save our marriage. Thank you!

by Erin R. Clay on Linda L Anderson MS
Very Much Appreciated!

Thank you for being so persistent and honest with me even when I hesitated with coming back to you or not. Scheduling an appointment with you as a licensed counselor was one of the best decisions in my life. Now I am ready to go on with my life. Thank you!

by Gabriel Miles on Linda L Anderson MS
You saved us

I want to recommend her to anyone who needs a good couples counselor in the area. I honestly think she is the reason why my marriage survived. We had so many issues and we worked through them all with her by our side. There were many times I wanted to give up on my marriage, but she managed to talk some sense back into me. Thank you so much!

by Lucy Saunders on Linda L Anderson MS
A truly fantastic job

Don’t know what I was going to do if we hadn’t met this marriage counselor one September afternoon a few years ago. After speaking to you, my husband really started trying to see things my way and we are now both actively helping each other grow. This was one of our biggest issues but by doing all the things you told us to, we’ve been able to start moving in the right direction.

by Shane Ortega on Linda L Anderson MS
You were great!

Came to this couples counselor a while ago but never really got to writing a review. Thanks for listening so attentively, for always offering the right solution and working through our problems with so much care. You are the reason we have been doing so well in the past few months!

by Andrea C. on Linda L Anderson MS
You did the impossible

I found the number of this establishment by chance and decided to book me and my husband for a marital counseling service. He was giving me and the therapist such a hard time in the beginning but I watched her gently but persistently sway him to see the benefits of each session. Thank you!

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